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Grebe Progress

Great Crested Grebe UpdateI found a great wee spot to keep an eye on a couple of our resident GC grebe families as they raise their young on the lough - its quiet, out of the way and nicely accessible for photographs.  Surrounded by wildflowers, it also makes a superb macro photography spot while you wait!
The grebe chicks in this corner of the lough are considerably larger than a family we follow about 1km away; these ones are beyond the risk of being taken by gulls and herons now, at about half the size of the adult.

The adults spend a lot of time feeding the young, catching fish and passing them to the chicks, until the chicks eventually learn to catch fish for themselves, which wont be too long by the looks of things:

Featured ImageToday's featured image is a feeding adult GCG.   Using the central focal point as almost always, the below image was created using the Canon EOS 7DMk2, Sigma 150-600m Contemporary lens, handheld with OS set to 1 on the lens. 

The bird was about 20ft away…

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