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January Bird Photography Weekend

January 2018 Bird Photography WeekendJanuary is always a tough time for workshops, weather, and Christmas still in people's minds, but we had a full house for the Bird Photography Weekend, and welcomed some newcomers to the courses.

The weather was fine on day 1 but rained solid on day 2, meaning we had time for our first editing and post processing day indoors.

We split up into 2 groups for the outdoors session, using a well prepared small bird feeding station to bring in the woodland favourites, like this robin shot by Amber Currie (14), a DGPix regular and great young photographer:

Day 2 was spent indoors on the computers editing and processing from Day 1 - the first time we've done this on the workshops and it was a roaring success.  Usually, I'd push to be outside as often as we can for photography and teaching, but this time it wasn't possible, but we will certainly think of a 1 day workshop on processing and editing images in the future as this was a learning day f…