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January Bird Photography Weekend

January 2018 Bird Photography Weekend   January is always a tough time for workshops, weather, and Christmas still in people's minds, but we had a full house for the Bird Photography Weekend, and welcomed some newcomers to the courses. The weather was fine on day 1 but rained solid on day 2, meaning we had time for our first editing and post processing day indoors. Half of the group on the small bird feeding station spot, the other half were deep in the woods with top guide Sandra looking for jays and corvids We split up into 2 groups for the outdoors session, using a well prepared small bird feeding station to bring in the woodland favourites, like this robin shot by Amber Currie (14), a DGPix regular and great young photographer: Copyright belongs to A. Currie despite watermark! Day 2 was spent indoors on the computers editing and processing from Day 1 - the first time we've done this on the workshops and it was a roaring success.  Usually, I'd push to