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Winter Bird Workshop 2019

Typical Winter weather..... Of course, the weather would have to be its usual unhelpful self for our first workshop of 2019 - the Birds in Flight Winter workshop.  We braved the bracing wind though, and we had a great time with the Jays, then on to the gulls for flight photography, and a wee smattering of woodland regulars thrown in too. Robin - Copyright DGPix Attendee Showcase David & Carolyn have been veterans of our bird & macro courses over a couple of years now, and always come away learning new ideas and tips, and also helping others in the way they always do.  Absolute gems of people and I hope to see them again soon 😊 Here are some of their shots from this workshop, where they enjoyed the jay site, gulls and woodland birds.  Enjoy! David's work (posted with permission) : Carolyn's work (posted with permission) : Both did really well given the challenging light and the wind that not only