Macro Photo Weekend (Day 2)

Blue Skies Again

The weather held today and we had brilliant heat and light for Day 2.  Today was a bug hunt day, with the pond & aquatic insects starting off the day, then the wildflower meadow & grass lands in the afternoon.  The invertebrates didn't let us down all day with all the group getting hoverflies, bees, butterflies, damselflies, diving beetles, backswimmers & grasshoppers throughout the sessions.

Pond Invertebrates

The pond provides an excellent environment for water based insects and invertebrates - great diving beetles and backswimmers featured heavily in the trays and the guys got some great shots of the backswimmers eyes.
Damselflies were aplenty with the azure and blue tailed the most photographed.  

Sandra pond dipping for aquatic mini beasts

DGPix veteran Rosie snapping by the pond

Matthew on the same subject as Rosie

Wildfower Meadow

The meadow is our go-to place for the macro workshop outdoor sessions, boasting orchids and wildflowers galore, it hosts an array of insects and pollinators just waiting to get snapped.

Bombus Lacrourm & Pascorum bees were seen in abundance along with the resident honeybees - ladybirds, painted ladies and froghoppers all provided subjects for the group to practice their skills on.

The meadow in brilliant sunshine

Carolynn snapping bees amongst the plentiful knapweed

Sandra pointing out the spiders to everyone

Grassland Meadow

The grasslands of Oxford Island are a superb place for grasshoppers, froghoppers and caterpillars.  Meadow and common green grasshoppers played their part, and small coppers were seen mating in the undergrowth.  Caterpillars included the plentiful small tortoiseshell butterfly cats, and the brilliant bright-line brown-eye cat.

Bright-line Brown-eye Caterpillar, a strikingly beautiful creature

Common Green Grasshopper

Small Tortoiseshell caterpillar

Day 2 wrapped up the macro weekend for 2018.  It was an absolute blast with new and old friends enjoying the banter, the learning and the awesome insect and invertebrate wildlife on our doorstep.

Next up is the Macro single day event at Portmore Lough on behalf of the RSPB.  Booking is through their site so hopefully see some of you there, Sat August 11th 2018!


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