3 Autumn Photography Ideas

Autumn Photography Ideas

We've had out first storm (named Ali), the Christmas decorations are in the shops and there's a carpet leaves beginning to form on the ground.  It can only mean one thing.....Autumn is upon us!

The birds are on the move now, leading to quiet periods on the local patches and reserves, but the chances of a special migrant still stay high.  Buzzards are active on the calm days and waders start to appear in big numbers along with the numerous geese we are used to seeing on the wetlands.

If you plan to go out with the camera between the windy, stormy days, here are 3 ideas to keep you busy and to challenge your techniques


Always a winner this time of year, fungi and mushrooms can make great subjects in the woodland and grasslands of the countryside - they are there in a abundance now, with hundreds of species available to us to explore. Do be careful, many can be dangerous, but taking nothing but pictures should keep you safe ;)

You can use standard macro setups, or the wide angle 10-20mm range will also yield good results when shooting smaller fungi up close.  I use both the 105mm Sigma, and the Zuiko 35mm macro lenses for mushrooms, and then the cheap and versatile little 10-18mm wide angle Canon lens for wider, environmental shots.

Common Puffball Fungus - Olympus E-5, Sigma 105mm MACRO, f7.1, ISO200, 1/125s

Candle Snuff with Droplet - Oly E-5, Zuiko 35mm, f4.5, ISO200, 1/80s

Leaves & LeafLitter

Leaves are all around us now - getting in the way and gathering in piles in the wind.  The colours are striking though, and although some might call a cliche, the autumn/fall tones of the leaf floor can make amazingly detailed images.  Just remember to get the light coming from behind too, to bring out the veiny textures of the leaves!

Leaflitter Portrait - Oly E-410, Zuiko 300mm, f/5.6, ISO400, 1/100s


I dislike spiders as you all know, but I do love a good web covered in dew drops in the early light of a good clean, crisp Autumn morning!  Shoot shallow DOFs to get the droplets coming in and out of focus to help lead the eye to the focal area.  Webs can be tricky to create a proper focal point for the eye to dwell on, so make it clear with a good aperture choice.  Don't be afraid to saturate the colours a bit, and sharpen up the droplets!

Web & Dew - Oly E-5, Sigma 105mm MACRO, f/5, ISO100, 1/160s

Full Web & Dew - Oly E-5, Sigma 105mm MACRO, f/7.1, ISO100, 1/160s

So go out and challenge yourselves to some autumnal nature shooting, get down in the leaflitter, up close to fungi, and at eye-level with the webs with droplets!

Why not join us on the Autmunal Photography weekend at the end of September?  2 days of good crac, fellowship, photography and most importantly, food!  We'll be indoors and out on this one, with a full editing session included too, and a competition running throughout the weekend, judged by Sandra with a top prize at stake :)

Drop me an email if you're interested as we have 3 out of the 15 places left.  


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